Hello and welcome to the first episode of See Outside the Box with Dr. Sylvia Jones, the Queen of Vision. I am an optometrist with over 17 years of experience, and I am thrilled to be your guide through this eye care journey. At Divine Family Eye Care, we believe that everyone deserves great vision, and See Outside the Box is your weekly passport to clarity. In each episode, we will unveil the mysteries of eye care and bring awareness to topics that matter to you. From eye safety in sports to decoding the secrets revealed by an eye exam, we explore it all. Join us as we encourage you to see beyond the ordinary and make informed decisions about your eye health.

The Silent Thief of Sight: Glaucoma

In this episode, we will uncover the profound impact of glaucoma, often referred to as the silent thief of sight. Glaucoma is a condition that can affect your vision without any noticeable symptoms, making it crucial to understand its implications and raise awareness.

Why is Glaucoma Silent?

Glaucoma is called the silent thief of sight because it doesn’t typically cause pain or noticeable vision changes in its early stages. Most people with glaucoma don’t feel anything or experience vision loss until the condition has progressed significantly. This silent nature of glaucoma makes regular eye exams all the more essential.

Understanding Glaucoma

Glaucoma occurs when the pressure inside your eye, known as intraocular pressure, becomes too high for your particular eye. This increased pressure puts strain on the optic nerve, resulting in a gradual loss of vision. Initially, this loss of vision affects the peripheral or side vision, creating a tunnel-like vision. Unfortunately, individuals with glaucoma may not notice this vision loss because it primarily affects the periphery.

Importance of Regular Eye Exams

Regular eye exams are crucial for detecting glaucoma in its early stages. Approximately 3 million people in America have glaucoma, but studies show that only half of them are aware of their condition. This highlights the significance of routine eye exams for diagnosing and managing this sight-threatening disease. During these eye exams, we perform specific tests to detect glaucoma and assess various risk factors that may increase your chances of developing this condition.

The Unseen Effects

Glaucoma can silently steal your vision, leaving you unaware of the progressing damage until it reaches advanced stages. To prevent irreversible vision loss, it is important to prioritize regular eye exams, even if you have clear vision and don’t currently require glasses. Glaucoma can lead to significant vision challenges if left untreated, making early detection crucial for preserving your eyesight.

Emphasizing Eye Health Awareness

At Divine Family Eye Care, we understand the importance of eye health awareness. We have authored a book called “Eye Care by Decade: The Insider’s Guide to a Lifetime of Great Vision,” which offers insights into maintaining healthy vision throughout different stages of life. This free resource is available on our website, DivineFamilyEyecare.com, and covers eye care basics for each decade, ensuring that you and your family have the knowledge necessary for optimal eye health.


We hope you’ve gained valuable insights into glaucoma and the importance of regular eye exams. Remember, don’t be afraid to see outside the box and prioritize your eye health. Together, we can ensure that everyone enjoys a lifetime of great vision.

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