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Everyone Deserves Great Vision

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Our Services

Annual Eye Exam
  • Rest assured that your eyes are at optimal health
  • Enjoy a lifetime of great vision
Medical Eye Exam
  • Call us is if you have a pink eye, dry eye, or medical problem like diabetes
  • Don’t spend hours at the ER for an eye infection
Contact Lens Exam
  • Change your eye color for a night out
  • Walk down the aisle, go on vacation, and play sports, glasses free. 
Eyewear Heaven
  • Designer, Trending, and Must Have Eyewear. Find eyewear you love with ease
  • You’ll always look and feel amazing, enjoying all the compliments. 
The Divine Club
  • Affordable  premium services 
  • Get the best care for your eyes whether you have vision insurance or not.


FAMILY FOCUSED: Not a big box retailer!

We care for the whole family. Family owned and operated. Feel good knowing that your dollars are staying in the local community with local families. 

MEMBERSHIP PLANS: No vision insurance needed!

We make eyecare affordable with our memberships, packages, and bundles. You are no longer trapped by rising co-pays and deductibles.


At Divine we believe that “All God’s People Deserve Great Vision.” We celebrate diversity. Our doctors and staff make you feel comfortable, seen, and heard for just being you!

Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Sylvia Jones
Sylvia L. Jones, OD, MS
Dr. Heather Bowen - Jones
Heather R. Bowen-Jones, OD
Dr. Dina Mubarak
Dina Mubarak, OD

More to Love About Divine

Family Focused
  • We cater to the whole family: kids, parents, spouses.
  • Get your eyes cared for in the same place, no need to run all over town. 
Short Wait Times
  • Get what you need and get back to life. 
  • You don’t have to take a whole day off work to keep your eyes healthy. 
Caring Team
  • Doctors and staff who are looking out for the best interest of your eyes. 
  • All questions and concerns answered with patience, thoughtfulness, and in terms you understand. 
Latest Technology
  • Feel confident knowing that you have the most up to date solutions. 
  • Always enjoy the latest and greatest
Celebrate Diversity
  • Come feel comfortable and celebrated just for being yourself
  • Be seen and heard no matter your nationality, ethnicity, or gender. 

Free eBook:

Eyecare By Decade

-By Sylvia L. Jones, OD, MS

Key eyecare points for every decade of life

  • Learn about your vision
  • Learn about your kids’ vision
  • Learn about your parents’ vision
“During my years of patient care, I discovered that many people don’t have a basic understanding of the normal aging process of the eye. That’s why I created, Eyecare By Decade, a Free eBook that explains eye care opportunities and hurdles at every age, in very simple terms.”
-Sylvia L. Jones, OD, MS
"When God gives you a dream or a vision. You are no longer limited by your resources, time, or understanding.


-Dr. Sylvia L. Jones